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  • AM News

    TV Show

    March 2015 to present

    Aaron Mader covers the grave yard shift as a news reporter for WKKL 770 in Camden, New Jersey. He’s cutting his teeth in one of the top crime capitals of the United States and learning quickly, there's always more to the stories on these mean streets.

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  • Klumping Kitty Litter


    March 2013

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    Warning: coarse language, violence and nudity. A drag queen and a cross dressing man burglarize rural houses but get more then they bargain for in this screenplay I wrote. This dark story is bold, funny, and original.

  • Relationsink

    Song Lyrics


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    Lyrics to an upbeat synthpop song I wrote about a bitter breakup. I've never been in one, but the tone is perfect, combining ship, sink, and other nautical metaphors throughout. The highlight is the impactful line "you'd be my rock if I was drowning."

  • Serenade

    Song Lyrics


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    Lyrics to a mid-tempo, gothic ballad I wrote. Features a love and death feel, with hints of spirits and a haunting refrain.

  • Grave Grab

    Short Story

    October 2012

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    A short story I wrote in first semester CreComm, Grave Grab is about a mortician and his friend, a couple of thugs, who ransom the family of a dead pop star for the return of her body.

  • Hoarder Wars

    Comedy Sketch

    October 2013

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    An SNL-style sketch screenplay written in third semester CreComm, Hoarder Wars mixes Hoarders and Storage Wars. I came up with the concept, most jokes, and wrote the screenplay.

  • Her Daily Fix

    Screenplay Adaptation

    April 2013

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    This is a screenplay adapted from a short story my classmate Sara Wasiuta wrote about a cruel woman infatuated with a donut baker at a fast food restaurant. Included in the PDF is a memo to my CreComm instructor highlighting the differences between our storytelling, a treatment, and the screenplay.