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  • Prezince

    Web Shop

    February 2015

    / prezince.com

    This site is built on Prezince! I developed a sturdy framework based on some of my best web code to create Prezince- a company that offers customized websites for only 9.00/month. Includes hosting, bandwidth, storage, a dead simple management system, and unlimited support.

    Prezince.com logo and brand
  • Grand Cameo

    Automated Home Theatre

    December 2015

    I built a home theatre in my basement that is completely automated (two independent dimmers, curtain, projector, sound system, and playback). Schedule a show and the system, which I've named "Phantom," will take care of everything.

  • Psycho City

    TV Pilot

    August 2014

    My friends and I are shooting this 50-minute, gritty, dark comedy, neo-noir, original screenplay I wrote about a post-government distopia that looks at the human element when everything has been stripped away. Psycho City examines our primal instincts and nature vs. nurture.

    Promotional image for Psycho City, featuring Stephanie Thiessen. Taken by Andrew McCrea. Promotional image and establishing shot of Winnipeg's skyline for Psycho City. Taken by Andrew McCrea. Promotional image for Psycho City, featuring Michael Thiessen, Dominique Tremblay, and Lori Lucas at Chicken Chef. Taken by Andrew McCrea. Promotional image for Psycho City, featuring Dominique Tremblay. Taken by Andrew McCrea. Promotional image for Psycho City, featuring Matt Allen as a psycho cab driver. Taken by Andrew McCrea.
  • thrusong.com

    Social Songwriting Site

    August 2008

    / thrusong.com

    I've created a free website that helps people create real songs, either independently or with people of all skillsets. I built three servers to handle traffic and generate the music. At last count, the PHP application alone contained 263,469 lines of code (but who's counting?).

    Homepage screenshot of social songwriting website thrusong.com
  • Dacotah Drive-In

    Movie Nights

    May 2008

    I ran a drive-in movie theatre on a farm building just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sound was broadcast in Dolby Digital surround over FM radio and classic dancing hot dog ads filled intermission. I ran a full concession stand featuring homemade fries, onion rings, roller dogs, and hot buttered popcorn.

    Dancing food ads on screen at the Dacotah Drive-In movie theatre