Professional headshot of Winnipeg-based creative professional and web developer Andrew McCrea


  • 55 years ago
  • Mars Won

    Animated Short

    January 2014

    Something went wrong. The first humans sent to colonize Mars battle landing without computer systems. Starring Winnipeg radio veteran Kathy Kennedy, Michael Thiessen, and Jessica Leslie. Produced during my final semester of CreComm to demonstrate key framing, it is animated in HD (1920x1080) and mixed in rich layers of stereo sound. I drew most of the graphics by hand for an authentic look.

  • Polo Park - New Wing Sneak Peek

    Video Tour

    October 2004

    A sneak media tour of Polo Park's new wing in the old Zellers space as stores rushed towards their grand openings.

  • Father Figure

    Short Film

    November 2013

    I produced this with my feature film group. I performed foley voice and sound effect work, was vital in editing and created the overall bleached look, as well as lighting, shot composition, boom mic operator, and more.

  • Bunhead's Revenge

    Short Silent Film

    September 2013

    I co-wrote, co-directed, and co-shot this short silent (no dialogue) film with classmate Nolan Bicknell. I edited my own version of the video and chose the sequence and music.

  • Jimmy

    Foley Audio

    October 2013

    I acted in this video with my feature film group. We were provided with the script and co-edited the video. We recreated every sound and line of dialogue in a foley studio, lip-syncing to our own performance. We also chose the sound effects we wanted to use, and edited the feet sound to be two people running the second time it plays.

  • Snow Hut

    TV Journalism

    March 2014

    Script, interviews, reporting, voice over, and some composition direction by me. Shot and edited by Riley Martin. Nominated for a 2014 Creative Communications Media Award.

  • Food Volunteers

    TV Journalism

    February 2014

    Script, interviews, and some composition direction by me. Shot and edited by Jared Gauthier.