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  • Winnipeg-Made Short Film Knocked Over Out Now

    May 2017

    / Article on MyToba.ca

    An article introducing my debut short film Knocked Over, about two strangers who hook up at last call and become robbers on the way home to a one night stand. Knocked Over was produced by Hal Anderson Productions.

  • Andrew McCrea Accepts Citizen Appreciation Award

    March 2017

    / Article on MyToba.ca

    Winnipeg Police Service recognized the Smashed Window Club's efforts and success in curbing property crime in River Heights. We continue to foster this relationship and work towards establishing chapters in other neighbourhoods.

  • Driving down the crime rate

    October 2016

    / Article on WinnipegFreePress.com

    One year later, property crime has been dramatically reduced by our efforts in the Smashed Windows Club on Facebook, while the rest of Winnipeg has seen a spike.

  • No deductible for vandalism

    September 2015

    / Article on WinnipegSun.com

    I used social media and worked through the spring and summer to get more resources to deal with vandalism problems plaguing my neighbourhood. Specifically, I asked for auto insurance deductibles to be waived in the case of rampant vandalism. Dave Larkins interviewed me for a reaction to news that Manitoba Public Insurance will begin doing just that. Photo courtesy of The Winnipeg Sun.

  • River Heights group tracking smashed windows

    May 2015

    / Article on WinnipegSun.com

    I know there is strength in numbers when you want to make a change in society, and social media is the perfect way to do it. I was interviewed by Cella Lao Rousseau after starting the Smashed Window Club - River Heights when reports of rampant vehicle vandalism in the neighbourhood came to light. Photo by Kevin King courtesy of The Winnipeg Sun.

  • Winnipeggers launch Facebook campaign in wake of smashed windows, vehicle break-ins

    May 2015

    / Article on CBC.ca

    One of the first interviews where I called for deductibles to be waived by MPI.