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  • Visions In Voice - "Accepting Death"

    Radio Feature

    March 2014

    I interviewed a man who lost his brother to cancer, edited it, and produced a feature about death for Red River Radio's "Acceptance" themed episode of Visions In Voice.

  • The Lake Storm

    Radio Drama

    March 2013

    I wrote this story (with my group members contributing some changes to the script) and voiced the role of Cole. I also sourced all the sound effects, and produced the final edit after we all worked on it in ProTools. WARNING: Contains some foul language.

  • Mission to Mexico

    Radio Feature

    December 2013

    I wrote and produced this "People Making a Difference" feature for the legendary 680 CJOB in Winnipeg. It first aired December 16 and went into rotation for the holiday season.

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  • Breaking News - Train Derailment

    Radio Live Hit

    April 2014

    Working Easter Sunday, a train derailed in St. Norbert, outside Winnipeg. I zipped over to the location and reported live for 680 CJOB.