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Saying good-bye to the Globe Cinema



June 16th, 2014

The credits finished rolling, the studio logo flashed, and the screen went dark. The last few audience members shuffled out and that was that- the end of the Globe Cinema.

I wanted to applaud. I wanted to cry. Instead, I shuffled out silently, too. The last customer to walk out of the Bijou.

It’s the second time the triplex in Portage Place has ceased operations, but I fear it’s also probably the last. I’ll remain hopeful that’s not the case.

I’ve always wanted to own a movie theatre. My mom recently showed me a drawing from grade 1. I had drawn the Famous Players St. Vital box office facade. The Portage Place theatre, with its unique decor, was a big part of my childhood, too.

I remember seeing Free Willy, which was put on for the city’s elementary school patrols. Other classics included Pocahontas, Grumpy Old Men, and Toy Story. Titanic was my first experience seeing gigantic lineups wrapping around the mall’s top floor (and any theatre, for that matter).

Watch out for that shifty Dodge Pinto…



November 6th, 2012

So, this past weekend I had another bizarre dream, this time, I was in a world that looked like cross-process photography. There was a gang driving around in a mint-coloured Dodge Pinto (don’t ask). There were five people, all wearing Emo Girl-style masks. There was an old lady standing between our house and our neighbour’s […]