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Trump’s shocking win not a media failure



November 12th, 2016


Let’s get something straight.

Donald Trump’s shocking election win was not a failure of the media.

Surveys conducted by pollsters on behalf of major networks showed Hillary Clinton with a sizable lead for weeks, consistently.

Somehow, the fact people voted differently than what they publicly stated suggests all journalism is dead.

Doomsday calls comparable to cinema’s imminent death in the face of the VCR.

The media did everything right, by the book, just as it’s always done.

It rightly called out Trump’s homophobic, racist, and xenophobic comments.

The same type of statements that would’ve sunk any public figure up until this point.

He was given equal coverage as the Grand Ol’ Party’s presidential nominee.

Journalists attended every rally even though Trump denounced all media and incited violence towards reporters.

The divide stands now as this blur between what’s socially acceptable and how Trump’s supporters wanted to be viewed.

“I know what Trump says is wrong and there could be consequences for me if I say the same things,” they may think.

But, you know, the idea of white people being powerful again and all minimum wage positions being filled by white people is what is really appealing to them.

“They’re coming here to steal all the jobs, they come here to take the good jobs and the service jobs we need to fall back on.”

Why do you think those in the Ku Klux Klan wear their ghostly white robes?

So, it’s no surprise that when polling companies contacted people, they verbally communicated support for Clinton.

Voters in the United States just didn’t want to admit they agreed with a bigot.

Results from the election have now made it socially acceptable.

It seems so basic, but social media gave everybody a voice, and in turn it validated that personal opinion inside.

It was supposed to advance intelligent conversations.

That’s why we’ll march and protest Trump’s election to the most powerful job on the planet.

It doesn’t mean we’re Hillary supporters when we oppose oppressive, violent comments from a 1960′s vantage point.

We watched you protest President Barack Obama and call for his birth certificate.

We stood by and didn’t engage when you called us “libtards” just because we don’t support Trump or Harper.

The day after Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada, a Facebook friend complained he had already ruined the country.

When I asked for an explanation, I was provided nothing but insults.

It’s wrong to label a leader as a failure before they have a chance to prove themselves or when cold hard facts support the success of their administration.

Calls against Trump’s sexual assault bragging, or plans to remove established human rights, are based on facts.

It’s based on the billionaire winning with less votes after claiming the election was rigged.

We insult the bigoted candidate through fact while supporting the far-right’s right to free speech, but they insult “the left” simply because of how they feel.

Debate is healthy, but we’re not having any of it and it’s damn impossible when one side shuts down the conversation immediately with a hateful comment.

The official televised debates didn’t progress any issues, either.

What we finally saw was all the hate that was always there, just stewing away inside the less educated.

No, the media didn’t fail. Society did.

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