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Heavy Flower Planters Stolen From Restaurant



June 9th, 2015


The owner of a Winnipeg Chicken Chef is shocked two heavy flower planters disappeared from outside her restaurant’s front doors.

It happened just before midnight Monday on Portage Avenue near the west Perimeter Highway.

Lori Lucas (above) says the existing security cameras caught some footage of the suspects and their red truck.

“It’s surprising because the pots must weigh 150 pounds each and we’re right on Portage. We have a 24-hour hotel next door. You can see cars coming and going in their parking lot, so someone has to have seen something suspicious.”

Now she plans to cover her property with upgraded closed-circuit systems.

Lucas says it also follows several incidents where her restaurant has been targeted in the last three months.

In one case, copper pipes and tools were stolen from a company repairing the eatery’s roof. Other times the building has been tagged with graffiti.

“I just want the disrespect to stop. We’re hard working people just like everyone else.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lucas at 204-832-3900. A reward of $500 will be given for any information leading to an arrest.

(Photos courtesy Lori Lucas and Alexa Chobotar)


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