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Introducing thrusong



July 4th, 2013

This upcoming school year, I’ll be launching and marketing as my Independent Professional Project. The website is finished and I’ve soft-launched it with a few songs from fellow CreCommers, notably Country Luke Reimer and Luke Jacob. More are on the way.


On the homepage, you can play the piano. Inside the site, you’ll play your notes and generate a real riff in any kind of sound: guitar, drum, bass, or synthesizer, some with a thousand different sounds. Songwriting can be done by yourself or with a group of people, with various privacy settings.

You can publish your creations made with the site or elsewhere and potentially climb the charts. On the song pages, which are similar to YouTube video pages, you can stream songs in full, buy a permanent copy, or pay to unlock the full recording. More than 80% of the revenue goes directly to the artist. There are no other costs to the site.

I’ll be blogging more this summer and school year to explain some of thrusong’s features and how to use the site. If you’d like to tryout, just enter you email address on the registration page.

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