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Taking a Snow Check for Opening Night



April 2nd, 2013

Winter just won’t end. This should be obvious to you if you’ve left your house or even looked out a window lately. Personally, I dislike winter. A lot. I actually dislike spring a lot too, though: It’s still cold a lot of days, it’s slushy, wet, and dirty, and it costs a lot of money to keep the car clean and filled with washer fluid, not to mention you have to clean your house thanks to the wonderful ‘spring cleaning’ movement which I don’t get.

A lot of these things have conspired against me to make sure we push the Dacotah Drive-In’s opening night, which was scheduled for five days from now, back several weeks. We can’t get on the lot and when it finally melts, we’ll be sinking into the mud for the first bit, so it looks like we might be stuck with a May opener. We could potentially lose up to two movie nights this season.

Looking on the bright side, literally, Louis and I are going to start building a marquee for the theatre to replace the dinky sign we used to have. We’re taking two pieces of styrofoam insulation board, carving out the logo on each and creating backlit channel letters with rope light. We’ll also be piercing holes all around the border to fill with mini Christmas lights that have a chase sequence effect. Finding these lights this time of year is becoming a problem. I’ll do a follow up post to show the process (normally I design these creations, like the projector box, and Louis builds them because I have awfully unsteady hands). I’m hoping to get started on this right away. We might even re-build the projection box using the styrofoam board this summer.

Hopefully the snow melts right away so we can get the dancing hot dog back on screen and kick off what is going to be an awesome season. We’ve got lots in store, so stay tuned!

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