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SEO and AdWords for my IPP



March 5th, 2013

For my IPP, I’m pitching a promotional campaign for a website I’m going to launch this summer called What is it? It’s a social songwriting website that produces professional sounding hit songs and it’s a major project nearing completion. I’ve built servers to handle the audio processing, I’ve finely tuned the performance of my servers. I’ve built a storage tier with terabytes (roughly 10 right now) ready to handle the generated audio.

Part of my campaign, pending the approval of the proposal, will involve a hefty online advertising campaign with Google AdWords and Facebook ads. Luckily today in advertising class, where we’ve also learnt essentials such as ‘How Oprah Got Rich’, we’re looking at how to use AdWords. I’ve dabbled with it a bit, spending a big chunk of money for a client on AdWords which was moderately successful, plus I’ve tried it myself, though more in Facebook Ads. I also put AdSense on my old thrusong website and made about $5 in two years. As a result, the new thrusong doesn’t have advertising on it and will instead promote the organic content created with it.

So, here are a few AdWord ads I could potentially run for thrusong next fall as the site expands to wider audiences:

Climb the charts today
Band together with thrusong
Compose hit songs with friends

Write a song, become #1
thrusong is social songwriting
Produce hit quality songs for FREE

Get back to your groove
Rock out to fresh, new music
thrusong is curated for you

Band together. Jam apart.
Compose socially with thrusong
Produce hit songs with friends

Learn to write songs
thrusong powers social songwriting
Generate your hit tracks for free

thrusong has streaming pages, like YouTube videos, but it also generates the songs, so I’ve written the ads to reflect this and appeal to different audiences.You may also notice the ?c=# at the end of each URL. This would let me track which ads are getting a reaction from people seeing the ads so that I could tailor my targeting a little bit better.

I could probably target these ads to keywords or phrases such as music, band(s), songwriting, compose, streaming, charts (“music charts”), “music lessons”, “band jams”.

These ads are likely to run next fall once we return to school, so you may see them popping up on Facebook and Google, though the ads I’m sure will be much better by then.

Any favourites? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to enter your e-mail at to get on the invite list!

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