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Readying the reels for season 6 at Dacotah Drive-In



February 14th, 2013

That melting outside isn’t just a fluke. This Saturday, we’re only 7 weeks away from opening night at the Dacotah Drive-In. The screen is blazing back to life Saturday, April 6.

This off-season we’ve been hard at work re-branding the theatre. We’ve come up with new branding consisting of cool blue, baby pink, and blacks and whites. It’s more of a jump back 10 years in the golden age of the drive-in than we’ve done up to this point. We’ve designed shirts, we’ve produced new “Coming Attractions” and “Feature Presentation” snipes.

New this year, we will also be pitting two movies head-to-head to win the second feature slot. Your votes in the Facebook group will be the ultimate deciding factor. Our opening features will be debuted in about 4 weeks. When we shut the place down last fall, we asked for your movie suggestions and we got over 50 entries in total with multiple suggestions, many that overlapped, so a lot of programming this summer will be based on that.

We’ve also looked at the concession stand and come up with some new things, including a fresh, streamlined menu. In just 7 weeks, we can put our new piece of concession equipment into operation. Your first peek, Meet Our New Menu, is coming up in less than 2 weeks.

We’ve also started replacing the containers we serve food in with reusable dishes you return at the end of the night. This is good for the environment and also keeps popcorn bags from leaking butter.

Big news that I’m really excited about for the film fest is that we’ll be screening CreComm student Amy Simoes and Dave Brown’s film Chump Change. Amy won “Best Villain” in a short film at the 8th Annual Action On Film International Film Festival. If you haven’t had a chance to enter the film fest yet, we’d like submissions by March 1, 2013 at [email protected].

We’ll see you in 7 weeks. Please request to join our Facebook group if you’d like an invite.

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Zach Samborski says: February 14, 2013 at 6:03am
I'm going to have to catch a ride to the Dacotah once it opens this April. Awesome business concept.

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