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Last Night I Watched Manson Perform A Dope Show



February 5th, 2013

Last night Marilyn Manson returned to Winnipeg’s MTS Centre with his Born Villain tour, featuring California-based opening act Butcher Babies.

Butcher Babies got the crowd fired up with aggressive rock-metal and two hot, head-banging front woman in tight leather. In general, they’re a good looking band, with a more modern take on the music that made Manson the rock god he is today.



Manson’s last stop at The Phone Booth was September 13, 2009 in support of the band’s final album on Interscope Records. It was his first stop in 12 years and during a period when his relationship with his label was going sour and falling apart. The performance was dismal, with Manson starting strong, having a loonie whipped at his head, and finally finishing a shortened performance pissed off. He says now he was trying to get out of his current contract, which pisses me off as a longtime fan getting the crappy side of the stick, but that’s a different issue.


This was my third Manson show and this time around Manson seemed refreshed. Born Villain was a triumphant return to form and it seems to have rejuvenated the band as a whole. He looked good and he sounded good, though I’m sure there was a backing track to sweeten the sound because he put the mic towards the audience during Antichrist Superstar and you could still hear him singing. The show started mostly on time at 7:30pm and wrapped up by 10:30pm, with no encore.

There was also a chance to meet Manson before the show for $150, but I couldn’t afford it this time around. I did manage to catch the water bottle he drank from and threw into the audience, though, as my friend and I braved the pit.


I also got to see Coma White, my favourite song of all time, live for the second time, so that made my night. It’s one of his most critically acclaimed songs from his most critically acclaimed album Mechanical Animals, the one where he’s wearing the boob suit on the front. Johnny Depp now owns the prosthetic breasts. You can check out the music video from 1999, released in the wake of the Columbine tragedy for which he was unfairly blamed, here:


Other favourites you might enjoy are numerous covers, including Tainted Love, Personal Jesus, and You’re So Vain, which features Johnny Depp on guitar.


Andy Mac says: February 5, 2013 at 11:46pm
That's the second comment I've had about Manson's genetics. Another friend told me to clone him.
Adam Levin says: February 5, 2013 at 8:24pm
Try to get some extractable DNA from that bottle: maybe we can find the music gene!

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