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Watch out for that shifty Dodge Pinto…



November 6th, 2012

So, this past weekend I had another bizarre dream, this time, I was in a world that looked like cross-process photography. There was a gang driving around in a mint-coloured Dodge Pinto (don’t ask). There were five people, all wearing Emo Girl-style masks. There was an old lady standing between our house and our neighbour’s house that someone in the group gunned down. They came to invade our house, but I managed to lock the door just before they got it open. They would rove the neighbourhood, so it was a good idea to stay indoors. I totally got the vibe of that movie The Strangers. I decided to sneak out and head to a neighbour’s house up the street. When I got into their backyard, I fired up their barbecue, and discovered BBQ chicken already inside, which I grilled up. The neighbour came out to see what I was doing and then asked me to stop using his BBQ. I asked if I could come in so we could talk about these guys terrorizing the neighbourhood. I ended up fleeing his house when the situation turned dangerous, and ran up the backlane. I found the mint Dodge Pinto parked behind my house and the trees in the backyard lit on fire. Then I woke up.


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