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November 2nd, 2012

So, Louis and I are getting some new roommates this weekend! His cousin Adam and his girlfriend Amy are moving into our second bedroom, formerly my office, so I’ve set up in a corner of our basement.

So far, I’m enjoying my new digs! I am a web developer, after all, and we seriously thrive in basements. My creativity continues to fire up and now I’m starting to feel like a creature that’s been released back into the wild. Taking a change of scenery is good thing, even if I’m looking at 70s faux wood paneling in the basement instead of the remnants of the original kitten wallpaper in my office.

I’m really excited too, because I’ve never had true roommates. They’re also bringing a cat. Cats are like garlic… You can never have too much!

CreComm is also starting to get VERY busy, so it will be nice to be able to work on my homework or client projects and know that Louis isn’t just sitting alone if he doesn’t have to.

I’ll keep you guys posted, but welcome Adam and Amy!


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Duncan McMonagle (@dmcmonagle) says: November 2, 2012 at 4:44pm
You can write a new Notes From Underground.

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