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Without a paddle (or flashlight and sweater)



September 10th, 2012

This past weekend I headed up to Silver Harbour in Arnes to help my dad winterize his boat, which basically just included driving the boat to Gimli to fill one tank and empty the other. I’m not licensed to operate a watercraft, but I don’t know how appealing it is to me anyways. I mean, my dad’s a talented guy and I’ve barely seen him operate a boat before he bought this one in the spring, but I do have some bottled up trauma involving boats from throughout my life.

I don’t actually remember the chronological order of these memories, but I do recall driving through Devil’s Gap and losing an overboard motor off the back of the boat, hitting a log and stranding ourselves in the middle of Lake of the Woods, and various other memories along the same lines. Also, let’s not forget begging grandpa to take us back to the cabin after hours of waiting for the dinner that never bit the hook. So, you can pretty much imagine what I was thinking when I pulled up in Gimli (on the way to Arnes) with my companion Louis and saw this:


Well, luckily, by the time we got to Arnes and my dad had put a couple of jerrycans in the boat, we headed out on the water and it had calmed down quite a bit. The larger, gentler waves actually helped push us to Gimli without using much gas. Ahh, smooth sailing. After quickly fueling up and emptying the grey water, we headed out in a race to beat night fall. Only, this time, we were heading against the waves, which resulted in a less gentle ride back:


So, with my knuckles white and my face green, we headed back for Arnes, slowly watching the sun disappear over the shore and trees, taking any shred of warmth with it. The stars lit up the sky one-by-one and we even witnessed a shooting star before we made it back to our marina. Basically, for the hour ride back, the stars barely moved overhead and the moon never made an appearance. It was dark! Really dark.

We arrived, freezing to death, trying to view the wave breaker (a wall of rocks piled to prevent waves from entering the marina), trying to see our way along the break, with a flashlight that was maybe an inch across. I tossed my iPhone, with its flashlight mode on, to Louis who was standing on the bow. He guided us to our slip, where my dad docked perfectly. We had steak around midnight and then hit the road for Winnipeg around 1:00AM. The minute I got in my front door, my head hit the pillow and it was lights out, darker than the lake.


Andy Mac says: September 16, 2012 at 3:36pm
Well, I have a super strong stomach and love the craziest thrill rides I can get on but I finally get what being sea sick is.
edeninwinnipeg says: September 13, 2012 at 2:29pm
Those waves look even more dangerous when I watch them on your blog than when you showed me on your iphone! Scary stuff! Glad you all survived!
Melanie Lee Lockhart says: September 13, 2012 at 2:00pm
Sounds like, um, fun? :)

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