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Hello world!



September 6th, 2012

Hello world, I’m Andrew McCrea, but you can call me Andy Mac if you wish. I just started the Creative Communications program at the Red River College Princess Street campus.

Before I began my stint in CreComm, I was working at Honest Agency for 2 years as their web developer, and before that I was at Burst Web Solutions. I’ve worked on some high profile projects, mostly independently from design sign off to launch, including websites for Kidsfest, The Exchange District, Manitoba Craft Council (nominated for a Signature Award), The North West Company, and two Folklorama smartphone apps. Programming became my obsession at a young age and I finally started getting paid for it after I graduated the Business Administration program at the Notre Dame campus.

This blog is going to be my place for me to share my thoughts on the internet from a web developer’s perspective- things like design trends, hot issues, and even some of the train wrecks I’ve suffered through.

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